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MARCH 4, 2021

Episode 17: Going Solo

We discuss why we decided to go solo, how to determine if going solo is right for you, the pros, cons, risks, and rewards of going solo, what you need to make the leap, and more.

FEBRUARY 25, 2021

Episode 16: Productivity

We discuss productivity tips, tricks, and techniques, our systems, the challenges that we face, influences, and ways to avoid or eliminate common sources of distraction.

FEBRUARY 18, 2021

Episode 15: NetSuite Opportunities

We discuss the career opportunities that are available to NetSuite developers, where to find them, and what to look for.

FEBRUARY 11, 2021

Episode 14: Matt Dahse Interview

An interview with Matt Dahse, Senior Solution Architect at 360 Cloud Solutions. We discuss:
• Starting with design, instead of starting with code.
• Matt's path to NetSuite.
• There's nothing that NetSuite can't do, but there are things it shouldn't do.
• How and why Matt wrote "NetSuite Development With SuiteScript 2.0."
• The benefits of writing a book.
• The importance of understanding the business case for writing code.

FEBRUARY 4, 2021

Episode 13: Clean Code

We discuss "clean" code, including:
• What is "clean" code? (Spoiler: We don't have an answer.)
• Rewrites and Refactors
• Review: Write Code Like a Recipe
• Review: What is Functional Programming?
• In all things, moderation.
• Is "modular" code better?
• Tabs vs. Spaces

JANUARY 28, 2021

Episode 12: SuiteScript Commiseration

We commiserate about SuiteScript in general, and:
• The oft-frustrating API design versus typical CRUD interface.
• Comparing SuiteScript to a typical "MVC" architecture.
• SuiteQL as a better Data Access Layer.
• Closed nature of a very small community.
• The unenviable position of documenting a massive ERP system.
• Encouraged by the improving tools infrastructure.

JANUARY 21, 2021

Episode 11: SuiteScript Anti-Patterns

We discuss anti-patterns, including what they are, and how they apply to our work with SuiteScript. Specifically, The Boat Anchor, Deep Dark Dead Code, Source Control by Filename, The God Object/Swiss Army Knife, The Golden Hammer, Organization by Script Type, High-wire Releases.

JANUARY 14, 2021

Episode 10: Eric Birdsall Interview

An interview with Eric Birdsall, NetSuite Developer and Administrator at Creative Safety Supply. We discuss Eric's journey to NetSuite, how college is not for everyone, psychological burnout, how Worth = Reward - Cost, and signs, causes, and prevention of burnout.

Show Notes:
Eric's LinkedIn Profile
Creative Safety Supply
Shawn Achor's TED Talk
Dr. Sherry Walling
• Create something that's not software.

JANUARY 6, 2021

Episode 9: Specialization as a Defense

We discuss the concept of commoditization and how it applies to services and software development in particular. How, in the eyes of your buyers, your code and processes don't help to differentiate you from your competitors. How being busy doesn't necessarily mean that you're being successful. How specialization can act as a defense to commoditization, and specialization's numerous additional benefits.

Show Notes:
Amy Hoy, creator, Stacking the Bricks
Philip Morgan, creator, The Expertise Incubator
Jonathan Stark, author, Hourly Billing is Nuts
Podcast episode: The Business of Authority, Podcast episode: The Business of Authority
It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work

DECEMBER 30, 2020

Episode 8: Year In Review

We look back at 2020 and forward to 2021. What went right, and what went wrong, in our businesses. NetSuite's 2020 developments. Eric's "pivot" and Tim's quest to specialize. And more.

DECEMBER 23, 2020

Episode 7: Adam Partee Interview

An interview with Adam Partee, Vice President Business of Development at Maverick Fulfillment, a third-party logistics company. We discuss Maverick's NetSuite-first business strategy, how NetSuite is listening to feedback and improving its WMS offering, some of the shortcomings of the NetSuite WMS (cycle counts, inventory management, supplier integration), and how Adam believes that as a developer, you should learn the business behind your code.

DECEMBER 16, 2020

Episode 6: Chloë Windahl Interview

An interview with Chloë Windahl, Business Systems Administrator and highly motivated NetSuite administrator at Ednetics. We discuss Chloë's background, her path to NetSuite, her passion for motocross, and some "saved search sorcery."

DECEMBER 9, 2020

Episode 5: Development Tools

We discuss the development tools and services that we use - for SuiteScript projects and beyond. What we use to write code. The "official" toolset (WebStorm, SDF, and Jest). Source control. Managing tasks and to-dos. Managing documentation. Third-party libraries. Tim's non-SuiteScript tools/platforms.

DECEMBER 2, 2020

Episode 4: Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Starting Out As A Developer

Inspired by Alex Lakatos's "Things I Wish I’d Learned Sooner After Being a Developer for 10 Years," we discuss the importance of soft skills, imposter syndrome and imposters, the importance of continuous learning and exploring, the potential benefits of specializing, strategies for doing deep work, and more.

NOVEMBER 25, 2020

Episode 3: Paths to Becoming A SuiteScript Developer

A follow-up to our interview with Chidi Okwudire. We discuss the many possible paths to becoming a SuiteScript developer, the benefits of specialization, the importance of continuous learning, the massive responsibility of customizing an ERP, and more.

NOVEMBER 11, 2020

Episode 1: Introductions

Our first episode. Who we are, our backgrounds, our goals for the podcast, and more.



Eric Grubaugh


Eric is a SuiteScript Strategist who advises development teams on how to build successful, sustainable SuiteScript practices.


Tim Dietrich


Tim develops Web-based solutions for the NetSuite platform.